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What I learnt from #31DaysOfCreativity

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of my #31DaysOfCreativity posts last month.

Hel Reynolds from Comms Creatives sent daily tasks to your inbox designed to get you thinking creatively and trying new things.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do all 31 tasks (I had a long weekend break in the middle of January when I was trying not to look at emails, and some days just didn’t have time, so cut me a bit of slack!) but I don’t think that was necessarily the point.

Here are the three key things I learnt…

Just give things a go

I’m no artist and some tasks were focussed around drawing. Did it matter that the extent of my art was a stick woman? No. Did people also taking part in the challenges judge me? No (I hope). Did it matter that my poems and stories didn’t really make sense? Not one jot.

Giving things a go and not caring about the result was quite liberating. I think we’re all often focussed on getting things right, when sometimes there isn’t necessarily a right answer.

Let your mind wander

Some of the tasks were a bit daft (exhibit A below…) but thinking about things differently and letting your mind have a bit of fun can be really beneficial.

Life can revolve around getting things done – checking things off your to do list at work, finishing the housework when you get home, going through your week as you always do. Doing something completely different and a little silly sometimes is good for you!

Likewise, you can easily start to take things for granted, so taking time to stop, think and appreciate the people around you, the big things and the little things that make you happy is important.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Some of the tasks focussed on finding out what sort of creative or what sort of thinker you are.

I don’t think I was particularly surprised by my results, but taking time to understand what your strengths are and how to maximise on them, and what you can focus on improving, has got to be helpful in life, right?

Thanks to Hel for organising this, it was a really enjoyable challenge.

And I vow (you heard it here first!) to give things a go, be a bit more silly from time to time, and be a little more creative in all that I do.

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