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Top tips for university students

Sometimes, I really miss being at university.

As well as learning heaps about PR and discovering it was the career I wanted to pursue (thank goodness after all those tuition fees!) I also had the best time, made some fantastic memories and friends, and learnt a lot about myself too.

Here are three super-simple tips that I wish I had known at the start of my course that will hopefully help you…

Don’t buy all the books right away

This makes me sound like I was a terrible student but hear me out. Some books I bought and only ever picked up once or twice, perhaps to reference in an essay. Others became my bibles – I read them cover to cover and plastered them in notes and post-its.

Don’t buy every book on your reading list on day one. Start out by taking all the recommended books out the library and invest in copies of those that you use often. Saves you money, and time.

Keep your notes titled

I consider myself pretty organised, and I dated and labelled my first-year notes with what week we were on and the date. But that was little use further down the line – I had no clue when we had studied the topic I needed notes on for my essay!

So, I’d suggest labelling your notes with what topic you are studying, so when you come to flick back through for your assignment, you can find the content that you need easily.

Don’t keep yourself on lockdown

This one will vastly depend on how you work best. But, particularly around exam/deadline day, I found keeping myself on lock-down in my room wasn’t necessarily the best plan.

Making arrangements to get together with friends for study sessions really helped me (reliable and motivated friends, mind!). Committing to meeting someone at the library more often than not meant that I actually went. We could also bounce ideas off each other and share notes or books too.

Disclaimer: this is a re-work of a post originally on my old blog, PR Professional in Training.

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