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Five things you didn’t know about Twitter

Or perhaps you do know these things, who am I to know. But, here are five fun facts that you might not know about Twitter that I found of interest.

#1 The Twitter bird is called Larry – named after ‘basketball legend’ (according to his Wiki page) Larry Bird. Nope, I wasn’t sure who he was either. Don’t believe me, check out this tweet and then this reply from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

#2 It took 11 years for Twitter to turn a profit – the company reportedly had its first profitable quarter in Q4 2017.

#3 h/t – coming from hat tip, referring back to when the tip of the hat was a common signal of recognition, add h/t to you tweets to acknowledge something was brought to your attention by someone else. For example…

I just read this blog post you might want to read too [link] h/t @TwitterHandleHere.

#4 500 million tweets are sent each day – as of January 2019 [Source].

#5 The oldest Twitter accounts became active on 21 March 2006 – all 14 of these accounts belong to Twitter employees at the time. [Source].

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