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How PR is like The Great British Bake Off

So I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this week’s blog post. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t have missed the fact that The Great British Bake Off is back!

As an avid Bake Off viewer, it struck me that there really are some similarities between the Great British Bake Off and a PR campaign…

The Auditions – The Pitch

First off there is an audition process, where the selected applicants bake for Paul and Prue and bring in some of their own bakes to demonstrate their skills.

Similarly, in PR you need to pitch to the client, proving you have some great ideas and skills and are worthy of their time and money (or a place in the competition!) and will perhaps use some case studies of past work to prove your worth.

Signature Challenge – The Positioning

The signature challenge in the Great British Bake Off has contestants make their tried and tested recipes.

Looking at the POSTAR model, this is similar to the Positioning element – Where are you now, what are your current strengths and weaknesses, what is the current company situation? Or in GBBO terms, what can you already bake?!

Technical Challenge – Objectives & Strategy

The technical challenge tests contestants on their skills and knowledge of baking techniques.

Similarly, the objectives and strategy in a PR campaign need to be technically sound and practitioners need to demonstrate their knowledge of audiences, outcomes, time scales etc.

Showstopper Challenge – Tactics

The showstopper needs to wow the judges (and they really do see some incredible bakes!) and effectively match the brief.

Equally, your PR tactics need to effectively address the brief and achieve the desired objectives. You need to impress and stand out with your work, whether it’s a with creative ideas or strategically targeted messages.

Star Baker – Results

Finally the star baker is revealed, as the results of your campaign are too. And hopefully, you are the Star Baker PR!

So this might not strictly be PR theory, but I hope you found this blog post a little bit of fun!

A version of this blog was originally posted on my old blog PR Pro in Training.

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