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The biggest news sites across the globe

Accessing news has never been easier. With the touch of a button, you can get the headlines from around the globe.

Which is why I was interested to find out what the biggest news site in the UK is.

Cue a new report by Ade Lewis Ltd.

So, who guessed it?… comes out on top as the most popular in the UK. But, interestingly, is the most popular news site in the world, coming in the number one spot in nine countries.

Ade Lewis Ltd has put together a graphic showing the most visited news website in every country. And it’s fascinating.

Take a look below or click here to view the full graphic and table of each country’s top news website.

Graphic showing the biggest news website in every country.
The biggest news website in every country –

The research shares some fascinating facts.

  • The average reader spends 15 seconds on a site before deciding to stay on the page or not.
  • In the UK, the average time on site per visitor per day is just 04:19, putting us at 47th out of 186 countries on the list when ranking least to the most amount of time.
  • The Dominican Republic spends the most time on their most popular news website each day, viewing the site for over 15 minutes per day.
  • Iran spends the least time reading the news each day at 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

The report doesn’t look into why the time spent on news sites varies so dramatically country to country – it would be difficult to do so – but perhaps it is an indication of how credible the news sites are and how people value their content which influences the amount of time users spend on the site.

Check out The Biggest News Website in Every Country by Ade Lewis Ltd here.

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